I'm building something here.

Sharing is caring. Here is what i'm into. If i have a way of linking to a stream i'll post it. I will try and find youtube links in future updates.The stores dont have frozen potatoes or Jif peanut buttter. What is going on?

Kahil El’Zabar’s America the Beautiful by Kahil El'Zabar - Bandcamp!

DEATHFAME by Quelle Chris - Bandcamp!

Bellringer by Linqua Franqa - Bandcamp!

Few Good Things by Saba - Streaming options!

Valentine by Snail Mail - Bandcamp!

Harmony of Difference by Kamasi Washington - Bandcamp!

Melt My Eyez See Your Future by Denzel Curry - Bandcamp!

Running with the Hurricane by Camp Cope - Bandcamp!

DJ Mo Niklz presents They Who Control The Weather by Armand Hammer - Bandcamp!

the Light Emitting Diamond Cutter Scriptures by R.A.P. Ferreira - Bandcamp!

Finding Inspiration Somehow by Gift Of Gab - Bandcamp!

Gold Mouf by Lute - Streaming options!

Garbology by Aesop Rock & Blockhead - Bandcamp!

Jazz is Dead by Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad - Bandcamp!

Half God by Wiki - Bandcamp!

Year of The Spider by Shannon & The Clams - Bandcamp!

Home Video by Lucy Dacus - Bandcamp!

2600 the hacker quarterly - Order Now!